Born from a vision to harness data for good, FemAnalytica is a pioneering  non-profit data science lab in Malawi. Founded by data-driven innovators, with passion to explore the power of data, data science and technology to drive positive social change and advance sustainable development goals in Malawi. At the core of our mission is the empowerment of women, positioning them at the forefront of the data revolution.

About Femanalytica

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Data Science Solutions

From statistics to machine learning, we're dedicated to using data science for positive change towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our team will work closely with your organization to identify your specific data needs and develop solutions that fit your unique challenges.

Data Training Hub

Our immersive bootcamps and practical workshops are tailored to empower individuals, with a special focus on women, and organizations in mastering data science, statistics, visualization, and other critical data skills for informed decision-making

Data Ethics & Governance

We advocate for robust data governance, ethical AI, and gender-inclusive data practices.

DataWise Impact Initiatives

Our flagship structured initiative that pairs non-profit organizations with passionate data enthusiasts, all sharing a common dedication to data-driven solutions.

Data-driven Research

We engage in data-driven research aimed at understanding and supporting the progress of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on the power of data to generate evidence.

Partner with us

FemAnalytica is a data science social enterprise that leverages the power of data to drive positive social change to advance sustainable development goals. Work with us if your mission aligns with ours. Collaboration is a big part of our story

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At FemAnalytica, we are proud to partner with experts, organizations, and advocates who share our commitment to driving positive change through data science.

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