The FemAnalytica Story

Welcome to FemAnalytica, a pioneering data lab committed to driving social change through data science in Malawi. Established with the vision to become a central data hub, FemAnalytica aspires to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by optimizing data analytics and technology. At a time when Malawi experiences a dearth of data science expertise, Femanalytica is stepping in to fill this significant gap. We focus on four key areas that are integral to our mission.


1. Power of Data to Advance SDGs

Halfway to 2030, the world  is ‘nowhere near’ reaching Global Goals, the  UN recently warned. The good news is, we still have seven years and victory is within our reach. Data plays a pivotal role in shaping policies and driving meaningful change. The recently released  2023 SDG Report highlights that low and middle income countries are still lagging behind in the progress of SDGs. In Malawi, less than 20% of the SDGs have been achieved/on track, 47% have limited progress and 37% are on a worsening track. What if we could tap into the power of data and technology to turn this picture around?

 Our primary mission at FemAnalytica is to explore the potential of data analytics and technology in the Malawian context, to advance achievement of SDGs in health, education, poverty reduction, and gender equality among others. We collaborate with non-profit organizations, aiding them in extracting valuable insights from their existing data. By doing so, we aim to help these organizations make data-driven decisions that are directly aligned with the promotion of sustainable development in Malawi.


2. Value of Existing Data for Social Impact

Data is often termed the 'new oil,' but unlike oil, it is infinite and reusable. A key focus area for FemAnalytica is to delve deep into existing data sets, both public and private, to extract actionable insights. We employ advanced data science solutions to analyze this data, thereby maximizing its value for social good. Through this, we intend to provide organizations with the necessary tools to  maximize the value of the data they already possess.


3. Data Training Hub

Femanalytica  will offer comprehensive data literacy and data science training accessible to individuals and organisations alike  to bridge the gap in data science expertise in the country. Importantly, we will place a special emphasis on women through our HERalytics internship  program. Designed to provide practical skills and a supportive network, HERalytics aims to bolster women's participation in the data science sector. This initiative contributes to our broader goal of putting women in front of the  data and technology revolution in Malawi. This dual approach of general training and specialized focus serves not just to build individual capabilities, but also to create a diverse and skilled professional community that can contribute to the nation's progress.

4. Advocacy for Responsible Data and AI Governance

As we tread further into the digital age, the need for responsible data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance becomes increasingly crucial. FemAnalytica is dedicated to advocating for ethical practices in data handling, governance, and AI. We aim to set the standard for how data should be responsibly managed and utilized, focusing on the Malawian context. Our advocacy efforts extend to creating awareness about the importance of  gendered approaches to ethical considerations in AI, thereby promoting its fair and equitable use.


FemAnalytica is more than just a data lab; it is a movement aimed at fostering a data-driven ecosystem in the social sector. We operate at the intersection of data science, technology, and social good, committed to advancing the SDGs, empowering women in data science, and advocating for ethical data practices. Join us as we strive to make a meaningful impact, one data point at a time.


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Thank you for being part of the FemAnalytica story.